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Meet Our Team


President - Stacy

My name is Stacy and I am honoured to be President of ACTSS.  I first became aware of ACTSS in 2015 when my Rottweiler Sarge was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  I was fortunate to receive some funding towards Sarges treatment.  With the help of ACTSS, I was able to have Sarge in my life for an additional 2 years.  Being active in the dog community I have seen more and more the impacts cancer has had on people’s pet and see how important ACTSS Is and wanted to give back to the organization that helped me.

I currently have 3 rottweilers named Koa, Envy and Orion.  In my spare time I enjoy doing tracking and scent detection with them.  In addition, I am a stairruner and compete all over North America climbing the tallest buildings.  I also enjoy the acreage life that includes gardening and anything outdoors.

Needs Committee Chair - Meghan

 Meghan joined the ACTSS board of directors in 2016 and has continued to volunteer with the organization holding the position of Needs Committee chair since. As a veterinarian and a pet owner, she understands first hand how important the human-animal companion bond is. Meghan takes great pride in what ACTSS has done for numerous Alberta families facing cancer in their pets.


 Meghan resides on an acreage north of Edmonton with her husband and young daughter, rescue dog Lexi, cat Hobbes, and a number of chickens and ducks.

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Secretary and Membership Coordinator - Carmen 

Carmen joined the Board of Directors for ACTSS in the fall of 2016 as both Secretary and Membership Coordinator. She also assists the Needs Committee with application reviews. She is a small animal veterinarian and clinic owner in Calgary for over 30 years. Knowing first hand how devastating cancer can be for families, she understands how valuable ACTSS is in helping to keep the family bond together. Working remotely from Calgary, you can find her helping with various fundraising events such as the annual Dog Wash or Pet Expo trying to spread the word about ACTSS. Carmen is married and has two internationally certified Search and Recovery canines named "Bruce" and "Sydney". In her spare time, she enjoys acreage living, golf, travelling, and reading. 

 - Brenda 

My name is Brenda and I was raised with dogs. My family always had 2 dogs and we did not know about ACTSS until our late dog had cancer.  Sadly it was too late. Our boy's passing broke me so hard and with our late pets back to the late 1980s and that is the reason I joined ACTSS 


More bios coming soon!

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